The Robot Stay

How Psychology and Think and Grow Rich can be combined into a Robot Stay that Will Learn and Guide you through the Universe


Have you met Stay? Stay, could be a guy, or a girl, but she is your inner voice, controlling your subconscious mind, leading you through life. With a set of beliefs, and principles that are molded very young and are there through your whole life.

However, there are some tricks to this, like your iPhone, you can reboot it, with careful reprogramming at certain times and in certain ways.

Welcome to the Robot Stay, Via the Fibonacci, Glasses. Why Fibonacci? well, he discovered the Golden Ratio, a number that is infinite, and like Pi. Which is also infinite as the circumference of a circle divided by the total diameter in decimal points is never-ending.

So is the universe, an ever-expanding one, and in order to align ourselves with the universe. It has been said in the bestseller The Secret. Think and Grow Rich which was a compilation of 500 of the richest men in the world.

To align yourself to the universe, you have the law of frequency. The law of attraction, the numbers 3 6, and 9, and that is what you BELIEVE…

You will BECOME! You have to see you there, in that situation, whatever it is you believe in. And due to the law of magnetism, you will become that what you BELIEVE!!!

Hence the Robot Stay, which you will tell it what you want, what you want to become, and due to all the statements you become, the Fibonacci Glasses. What it projects, holograms, mixed virtual reality and you become to see it and to feel it before your eyes.

You start to picture that and that is what you will become. Your virtual reality eventually becomes your reality. By applying for hard work, never give up, keep learning, keep trying new things, and always focus on what you want to accomplish.

The Robot Stay


For Example, You Want a Billion dollars, a Rolls Royce, black, the latest edition, a private jet, a nice beach pad, a large flat in the center of the city, and you want beautiful women around you.

So you get up, and the holograms that you want will start to appear. such as rather than putting on some old jeans, you start to see a suit for instance.

You walk out the door, it’s not that old clunker you are driving. You are on a Rolls Royce, you see luxury, you feel luxury, you emerge yourself into it. When you get to the office and everyone is dressed in bikinis! why? Because you see the beach, and palm trees, and there is a pool you can maybe take a dive in… and so on. and so on.

As you move through the process of the Fibonacci glasses. You will slowly see your reality and your virtual reality becomes more and more a reality!

The holograms become less, you are actually buying a RollsRoyce! and you are working from your pad on the beach!

The Fibonacci is your robot for encouragement, to keep you on the golden path, and to love yourself, more than anyone. Then you can love the rest.