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You need a Liquor Delivery 24 hours? Friends with Fridges have some extra liquor such as BEER WINE VODKA WHISKEY and more kicking around their residence and can deliver to you your favorite Booze for a delivery fee. Enter your address and any other details such as Brands quantities and sizes and we can pick up chaser and anything else  you would like. Our night crawling super heros will make it happen for you as fast as they can!!  Once you Click Delivery Request, it will be assigned to a Friend with a Fridge in your area.

StayRunners is a referral network for Friends with Fridges who have some extra liquor available in their possession to give away to someone who needs liquor and is over the legal drinking age limit and not intoxicated and is willing to be gifted the liquor in exchange for a delivery fee.

Cash on delivery- E-transfer- Paypal