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You want to be a Porn Star? StayRunners will source a producer to produce your pornographic movie where you will be the star, there is a fee for production and you will have the sole video rights to the video for your own use and distribution.


Guy or Girl or both. It doesn't matter. You want to be a Porn Star?

You must be over the legal age limit with the sole purpose of producing a poronography video, where you will be the star. For a fee, you will have the sole ownership of the video.  Any sexual acts that happen between you and the producer is by consent and that you and the producer are over the legal age limit. You can post your video anywhere if you want on RedTube YouPorn or have it for your own personal use. Have a great act with a porn producer! Its that simple. just fill in the form above to get estimated cost and time for delivery.

Cash on delivery- E-transfer- Paypal